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#5 Product of the DayDecember 25, 2015

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SmartyPans is a smart cooking pan that computes nutrition information of home cooked meals, in real time. The pan has weight and temperature sensors and the app has a voice based user interface. You talk to the app and tell what ingredient you're adding. The app measures weight and observes time and temperature to compute a unique nutrition profile for your recipe. You can then share the nutrition information with your nutrition or fitness apps. Our app also documents recipes for you, as you cook. You can share them instantly with your friends and the app will guide them step-by-step to make the exact same recipe.
Right on! I'm for sure curious to see how this works in person.
thanks @dantolb, we're presenting at CES, come by our booth (#80662) if you're going.
Sounds really awesome. Curious to hear how it goes for early adopters.
Great stuff. Had this same idea around 2013 but couldn't execute it :( .. Keep up the work
Would love to add your product to Stringify. Do you guys have an API?
thanks @russeisenman, would love to chat more about it, I can be reached at We've a private API that we'll be opening up early next year.