AI-based, micro-content shortlisting service for web users

An AI-based micro-content shortlisting service to organize favorite content on the websites intuitively, through interactive 'Shortlist' buttons. A new Universal List for products, feeds, tweets, photos, videos, news, jobs, user profiles, or any custom data.
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Hi PH Friends! 👋 First of all, thanks to @razkarmi for the hunting this product 🙏 Finally, I’m excited to introduce my startup product SmartyList to the Product Hunt community. The most intensive and innovative product of mine is all set to revolutionize the way we browse and use the internet information intuitively, at a global scale! SmartyList is a brand new Universal List that can get integrated with most popular websites like Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc., and let users shortlist favorite or relevant data (AI-detected) through interactive controls and buttons called ‘Shortlist’, in real-time. This Interactive AI technology has the full potential to solve numerous use cases around the user’s data through an enriched UI experience, like never before. Visit for more details. I will be thankful for your Feedback, Comments, Shares, and Support. ☄️We just launched this product on ( as well and avail 70% discount on the rewards as a subscription for unlimited features. Visit, for important links about the product, use cases, demo, press, and additional details. Thank you!