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Kat Manalac
Kat ManalacHunter@katmanalac · Partner, Y Combinator
It's like having a robot personal trainer.
Tiffany Zhong
Tiffany Zhong@tzhongg · @ZebraIQ (gen z), ex Product Hunt
@katmanalac I need this.
Moawia Eldeeb
Moawia EldeebMaker@moawiaeldeeb · Co-Founder of SmartSpot
Hi, I’m Moawia, one of the Co-founders of SmartSpot. Getting started working out is incredibly challenging. Many people turn to online guides or videos but don’t have anyone to watch them or guide them in the gym, where it matters the most. Some can afford to pay $100/hr or more for a personal trainer, but we can’t, and we know that the majority of gymgoers can’t either. SmartSpot is designed to help beginners avoid common mistakes and to enable everyone to track their progress online. Please feel free to ask me any questions.
@moawiaeldeeb I see where you are going and this is for sure a problem that needs to be addressed. Especially in the age of 24/7 discount gyms, where you basically never get any feedback from a trainer at all, you can see a lot of bad form, mainly because people never were taught correctly. First of all the motion detection and angle recognition is pretty impressive! But sometimes there is more to it than just two or three angles. Especially with squats, rows, deadlifts, where a rounded back (for example) can do you a lot of harm. And crucial parameters, like ankle flexibility and if there is lack of it, the dangerous heel raise in the deep squat aren't monitored (yet). Just curious, are you addressing more parameters in the future? Is it even possible to detect those with just one front facing camera? How do gym owners react to the system?
Moawia Eldeeb
Moawia EldeebMaker@moawiaeldeeb · Co-Founder of SmartSpot
@boettges Hi Peter, we do track the arch angle of your back, since as you said it is really important. We don't want to overwhelm people in the gym, but that's one of the angles that you can find on our website when you replay your videos. Yep, we get a lot more information than you're seeing here. We track over 22 different angles, and many are not shown while you're working out live. Users of our website will be able to get a much more detailed picture of their form and how it improves over time. Gym owners have been positive so far, although one was upset because the squat rack we set up was being used so much that he couldn't show people on a tour of the gym. Surprisingly, we've found that even personal trainers like having their clients use the machine, since it makes it much easier to communicate
@moawiaeldeeb I saw the squat at the end of your video, but it's not only the angle, but as well how one arches the back. And sometimes a different physique requires different stances and results in different range of motions and different measurable angles. However I really start to like the PT integration, as your workouts can be replayed by your PT and form correction and guidance can be provided afterwards. That's really interesting.
Joshua Augustin
Joshua AugustinMaker@joshua_augustin · Cofounder of SmartSpot
@moawiaeldeeb @boettges To clarify, by arch angle we do mean that we're tracking the curve of your back, which is represented as a single number so that it's easy to understand. We're really excited about the possibilities for broadening the access to personal training.
@moawiaeldeeb @joshua_augustin This actually could open up a new category of virtual gym sub-brands. Kind of like pop-up stores in larger retail places. As for now PTs are often times limited to the gyms they have contracts with. Just bringing your privately booked PT along with you into the gym that you, as a customer, are attending is usually not welcomed. The gyms of course want you to sign up for a long-term contract and if at all book training sessions with their staff only. As a PT you now are in a tough position. You either need to work out arrangements with the local gyms (limited reach) or build your own space (high upfront costs with high risks and your are still locally restricted). It's inconvenient for your customers as well, as they would still pay for the long-term membership or do both for a short amount of time and you can't establish a long-term coaching relationship. Continuous virtual feedback, maybe after an initial in-person assessment, still supervised by a real and human PT that checks in regularly and answers the customer's questions could be a very interesting niche. Some mix between human interaction and automated continuous tracking and analysis. Interesting! Keep it up.
Anisa Mirza
Anisa Mirza@theanisamirza · CEO/Cofounder of Giveffect Inc.
So I had a personal trainer for 1.5yrs. But with a chaotic schedule, it was becoming too much to plan my workout habits around someone else. This product seems like the perfect solution! I would love to give it a try if/when any of the local MV gyms start using it.
Moawia Eldeeb
Moawia EldeebMaker@moawiaeldeeb · Co-Founder of SmartSpot
@theanisamirza Thank You Anisa, and that is one of the big problems we were trying to solve as well. We hope to have it at gyms in MV very soon!
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Love @katmanalac's description: "robot personal trainer" I'm naturally skeptical about the accuracy of the tracking but if it works as advertised, this could open opportunities for a new high-end gym that's more scaleable and affordable than human personal trainers.
Joshua Augustin
Joshua AugustinMaker@joshua_augustin · Cofounder of SmartSpot
@katmanalac @rrhoover We've had a fair dose of skepticism, and I get that. We're building off of a lot of progress in 3D cameras in the last few years. We usually get sub-1 degree accuracy, but there are a lot of improvements we plan to make to be even better. This is out there in 4 gyms right now, in use by hundreds of people a day. If you happen to be in SF you can try us out in World Gym in SoMa.
Kelly Kuhn-Wallace
Kelly Kuhn-Wallace@kkdub · 🎯Strategist for Hire
Eventually this could have interesting applications for physical therapy. (A significant limitation of physical therapy's success is the ability of patients to correctly perform "homework" between sessions & to continue exercises after medically supervised work has ended.)