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This looks and works exactly like Awesome screenshot:
@namzo That's what I was thinking also. Different Post-screenshot screens but its almost a full carbon copy.
@namzo Same thing came to my mind. Almost a complete copy :P
@shayan @namzo Totally, and I would say that for most people speed and simplicity are the key features to screenshot tools. The last missing piece with both Awesome and Smartshot is having them automatically generate a shareable link for that screenshot, WITHOUT REGISTRATION.
I will definitely try this. I feel like I'm usually taking screenshots at stressful times, trying to trouble-shoot something, so having to copy and paste an image into another tool in order to edit or make notes is really annoying, especially if I already have a chat message open.
^maybe you could partner with support services? Sometimes they don't even let you send attachments and it would be great if they could be more proactive about gathering user info.
@meganmatt42 nice idea! Just today I foolishly tried to paste a screenshot into a 40 minute support chat and it ended the session!
This very good tools - i will use that a lot the UI/UX very cool thanks for share
Installed the tool, but the 'Capture' and 'Cancel' buttons aren't responding on my laptop and on my friend's laptop, as he tried to demo it to me. Using Chrome version 51.0.2704.103 (64-bit), MacbookAir.