Project Management and Collaboration Spreadsheet Tool

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JasonBrand Growth Advisor
@basche42 . Put if like this. Smartsheet is HANDS DOWN the longest most consistently used paid saas tool i'v ever used. I'v been paying for it every month straight for years as an integral part of my productivity process and business. Project management Growth Marketing checklists Budgets Integration with Zapier to do all sorts of things Bookmarking and storing resource lists Excel replacement Google Sheet replacement Automated crowdsoucing - ect Smartsheet is a 10 out of 10 in my book I don't work for them and they aint paid my anything to say this. Enjoy.
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@jai_son_m It looks like a promising mix of tools: Deadline- and gate-management or even to-do lists paired with a collapsible, indented outliner kind of structure with additional visualization capabilities one is accustomed to from PM-tools, such as Gantt-Charts or alike. Haven't seen something alike on the market.
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Andrew Zusman
UX Designer
My wife works for an animation company that does lots of intricate collaboration and they use this tool. It looks really great. I'm a guy who makes a lot of lists and I tend to do it on spreadsheets for convenience. This tool makes a lot of sense to me and it seems incredibly useful (and inexpensive too!).
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Honey Raj Varma
Raj Ventures, R&Ds
@UXAndrew Great find Andrew. I know many of us are trying to find how to organize whatever we do in a way that integrates with many of the platforms we love. This definitely seems like 'the' product! :D
Ben Basche
Product @ Multichoice
Anyone have any good best practices / useful things you've done with Smartsheet?
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Vinish Garg
Co-founder @OutcomeConf @ContentHug
I have been using it for few months now, fairly comprehensive and easy to use. However, I see one basic feature missing. I tried to see a list or report of documents that I (a specific user) has updated over a week or month, but there is no such option. Their support person Aisha had told me as "We don’t currently have the functionality to generate a report based on changes made by a specific user," I wish they address it on priority!
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