Get Kevin Hart to be your teacher

Paste or upload a picture of any article/text, and have it summarized, broken up into slides and narrated by Kevin Hart. Also includes a text editor for notes, and a dictionary.
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Hi PH, second product here. Recently started getting frustrated with all the readings I was getting at school, since I wasn't learning anything and they took too long. Did some research and realized 30 percent of people are auditory learners, so readings are an ineffective way to learn for those learners. I thought it would be cool if we could take readings/articles, and create a better learning experience out of them, so I developed smartr. Which takes advantage of three important techniques for learning: active learning, chunking, and incorporating more senses into learning. It does this by summarizing text, breaking it up into slides, providing a note taking text editor, dictionary, and my favourite part a narration by Kevin Hart. The product is still in its early stages, and I'm hoping to make many improvements, such as improving the summaries generated, as well as improving the voice. Stay tuned, and thanks Moiz