AI voice platform for Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa

#4 Product of the DayNovember 30, 2017

Smartly.AI is an innovative SaaS platform for creating, monitoring and deploying voice and chat applications.

  • Karel Bourgois
    Karel BourgoisFounder & CEO @Voxist

    Great platform to develop Vocal bots. Unique visual designer solution with code integration that make it easy for devs AND marketing people


    Tough for them to keep with the evolutions of all the platforms

    We are using it internally to build our vocal bot and they are very responsive to feedbacks and requests. Great team!

    We are even looking at integrating their designer with our own APIs :)

    Karel Bourgois has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: is a great tool to build multiplatform voicebots quickly


    Nothing so far.

    I really like the mix of a visual interface with the ability to add some code. It makes it easy to prototype a bot in minutes and evolves it afterward.

    Quentin Delaoutre has used this product for one year.
Hi PH, Thank you @picsoung for hunting us! 🚀 Super happy to reveal our new platform for creating Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant voice apps. And thanks to the whole team for building this tool that we hope will help more and more businesses launch their cross platform Voice Strategy to better serve their customers. Quick overview: ----------------- - Serverless Hybrid Programming: Visual Programming + Code = The best of both worlds. Visual => Quickly build your dialog flow with an intuitive drag-n-drop builder. Code => Add NodeJS code snippets in your flow to achieve your business logic: call APIs, databases, add account linking, ... We host and execute your code. - Cross Channel Platform: We abstract all the complexity of Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant APIs' to let you focus on what truely matters: The Voice User Interface. - Built in NLU: In order to offer the same user experience across all devices used by your users. - Analytics: Get key insights on your app to ensure it is on track - Multimodal Ready: Beyond verbal inputs, our conversation engine will soon handle other inputs coming from a touch screen or a camera. Give us a try and let us know ✌️
@picsoung @hicham_t So fantastic to see the progress you've made in such a short amount of time. Great time, great product, great future ahead.
@picsoung @hicham_t looks really well done, congratulations! Questions: 1. Is it possible to use Smartly to build a skill to stream long form audio (up to 10 hours)? 2. Is it possible to use Smartly to build a skill that lets users login to an account they have elsewhere to get special access to certain features?
I have discovered Smartly about a year ago when they were still called "something Alexa designer". What a progress in such a short time! Not only they improved the UI and the flow to construct complex Conversational Application but they are now supporting both Alexa and Google Assistant. The tool is really intuitive and in less than an hour, you have a functioning application available on the biggest platforms. Perfect launch while AWS Re:Invent conference is happening! I also added them to my Made in 🇫🇷 collection🎉
I don't really know why people put .AI in every app when it's something completely different 🤔 You're a dev tool or you're targeting businesses? @hicham_t
@vasili_shinkorenko Hi Vasili. Interesting questions. For the .AI, it may be often misused, but in our case we use our inhouse ML algorithms for NLU tasks such as Classification and Entity Extraction. Not Watson yet but they are our North Pole and we are benchmarking our tech with the competition everyday. Second, IMHO, Enterprise software implies many quality, interoperability and maintenability features that truely resonates with developers. Besides behind any serious Voice App project is a team of developers, designers, marketers and copy-writers that can only sustain within the structure and economics of a business. So in this context, we are a solution for teams working on conversational apps within businesses 😉
How is it different from The Storyline .io ?
@baidoct , thanks for asking 😃: I have tried and here is some radical differences : - We provide the NLU stack while storyline doesn't - No NLU means for storyline means they can't support Google Assistant, nor Microsoft Cortana - We manage complex conversation thanks to code snippets you can use to call APIs, BDD,... - We provide a serverless solution: we host and execute your code - We provide detailed Analytics - Our solution provides templates for Conversational Banking Commerce. - Strong B2B track record with dozen of customers already using Smartly.AI in production - Made in France with 🍷🥐 - ... 🤓
What about Cortana skills?
@cristiandan Coming in a few weeks :)