All-in-one case for iPhone with 2 SIMs, memory card +battery

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This "SmartKase" for iPhone 7 looks like a great buy for apple users. SD card reader will be very helpful for the apple users. Check the campaign page for more information. Smartkase is the world's first iPhone case that makes your iPhone - Dual sim capable - Lets you add a Memory Card to your iPhone & expands its storage by an additional 256Gb - Doubles its Battery life by adding a 2000 mah Battery
It's look fantastic
@dimablover -- Yeah it looked good and the designers wanted it to look sleek and functional. Also, I believe it's priced well and if you own an iphone 7, this would be a great accessory for you.
The dual sim is very cool actually. How much thicker does the phone become though? What are the new dimensions and weight of the whole thing together?
@cemedericarak - From their Kickstarter campaign page, I could see that the smartkase thickness is 4mm and iphone 7 thickness is 7.1mm, total would be 11.1 mm. The creator wanted to keep it sleek and it looks good. Weight data is not available.
@ramkumarhq Thanks for clearing that out. I wonder does it actually look when you put it on. I'll have to try it. Thanks though for the specs.
How does the dual sim work that's the thing I'm unclear on