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#4 Product of the DayMay 19, 2015
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love it :)
never seen icon system that deconstructs spacetime this way!
This looks like one of the better icon sets I've seen, way to go! One quick question. When you say "infinite icons forever" will you spend time making different sets (material, flat, serious, colorful!) of icons over the coming months/years? I would really enjoy subscribing and being surprised by the new styles coming out this month/quarter/year.
@jackrometty yes we will release a few sets in upcoming months. Here is our quick roadmap: - A new set of 800-1200 icons - Desktop App to help organize icons and bring SmartIcons to Sketch, Photoshop, ... - WebApp improvement. - Release our internal tools to the public.
@mintran cool! Thanks for the response!
Really helpful tool