The Split Testing Hashtag Tool for Instagram

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Hey Everyone, Chris Allan Li, Creator of Smarthash here. I created Smarthash initially for two reasons. 1. Saving my favorite hashtags on a note on my phone and then copying them to paste on my next Instagram post seemed like I was living in the Stone Ages! I felt like there could be a better way.. 2. Everyone talked about how the best Instagram strategies required doing research for the best hashtags and using them religiously on your posts. But what constitutes a hashtag being good? Popularity? Nicheness? Why not use actual data?... And with those two little ideas... Smarthash was born! Smarthash allows you to save off your favorite hashtags as sets, and then copy all of them with one tap. Or, you can decide to Split Test them with the "Split Test Copy" feature. "Split Test Copy" copies a different subset of your hashtags every single time so that it can collect data on the different permutations of the hashtags when you paste them on to your IG posts. After using "Split Test Copy" enough times, Smarthash will be able to analyze your data straight from IG to calculate and display how well your hashtags are influencing engagement. And it does that through a simple and easy to understand heat map of your hashtags. I wanted Smarthash to be as accurate as possible and I knew that the number of likes and comments you get on Instagram depends more on just the hashtags you use. Which is why I incorporate all the contributing variables like your following count, geo tagging, caption length, time of day and day of week you post, and even what filter you use. I take all of that data and more, plus the hashtags you pasted from the "Split Test Copy", and I run it through a regression analysis to accurately attribute how much all of those variables are influencing engagement. Currently only performance for your hashtags are displayed... but something to look forward to in the future :) Smarthash is the finished product of what I love doing every single day which is building stuff. And I hope you guys enjoy using it as much as I did building it. Ok, Questions? Go!
I've been using this product since Chris invited me to the beta and I think his app is a set of features that should have been built into IG. Congrats Chris!!