Turn any bike into a smart bike

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Stumbled upon this product that's built in my hometown of Montreal thanks to an article by @julienbrault. I've been craving something like this ever since I saw the Vanhawks smart bike (that was way out of my price range as a casual rider here on the east coast) Good luck team!
@gozmike Nice find... cool concept.
Tupac is still alive according to their Kickstarter video! In all seriousness though, not sure about having the first person of African descent getting a call from Tupac is appropriate. Sure nothing is meant by it though, just a weird easter egg probably.
@benwtnb I'm not sure it's inappropriate either. Moving on.
The design is impressive and the pricing is very affordable. Simple, minimal, unobtrusive but super helpful. Seems like a no-brainer for bikers.
A brain for all bikes. Finally.
Fantastic product, seriously considering getting one as im constantly lost in London on my bike and always stopping to check my phone. Fingers crossed it fits my bars with the grip tape on. Would be great if it could sync with Strava or offer some of the same features as i wouldn't like to give that up! Looking forward to launch!
@thisdickie You should be able to export your data and use it in Strava via a dashboard in the companion app :)