Smarter social media scheduling with awesome analytics

Wish you could spend less time planning social media posts and still get loads of traffic?

SmarterQueue combines Content Categories with Evergreen Recycling, working like a true Virtual Assistant, which gives you hours back to re-invest in your business.

SmarterQueue has everything you need to manage all your accounts in one place.

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Hey everyone, Excited to be on Product Hunt today! I built SmarterQueue because I couldn’t find what I needed in a social media scheduling tool when I was launching my previous startup, and hundreds of other entrepreneurs and marketers I spoke with complained about the social media tools that they were using. The product has been rigorously tried and tested by our beta customers since then, and we've putt together something that will really help speed up your social media scheduling. It's made with startup founders and makers in mind, so you can spend less time worrying about social media, and more time growing your business. Thanks to @mnlfrgr from Maître Viral Referral Waiting List for being an early adopter and helping validate that the product works for busy founders! And @brianleejackson for writing an awesome early review about why he cancelled his Buffer and MeetEdgar subscriptions. 🎁 PRODUCT HUNT OFFER - As well as helping you save time, you can also save money with our special offer - we're giving away 2 FREE MONTHS. Use to get your first 2 months absolutely free on our Agency plan (worth $160!). So what makes SmarterQueue different? Here are a few of the most-loved features from our beta customers: 🚥Content Categories with a drag-and-drop Posting Plan - teaching SmarterQueue how you like your content spread out, so you never have to manually schedule a post again 🔍 Content Curation - so you can find high-performing content for your niche, and fill your queue with engaging posts in seconds ♻️ Evergreen recycling with Variations - perfect for re-purposing your blog posts, Twitter recycling, and A/B testing 🗓 Content Calendar with great post previews - see exactly what’s going out and when 📊Analytics - some nifty tools in here like category-level stats, engagement per Evergreen cycle, and best time to post. You can also analyse your competitors and learn their secrets - it's like god-mode for social media! 🎄We just added Seasonal Categories, so you can schedule campaigns for events or holidays (and re-use them each year), or set up a one-off campaign without interfering with your regular schedule 📱The website works great from your phone, so you can add/edit posts and review your stats on the go! 📌 Oh, and we support Pinterest as an official Marketing Partner (so won't get shut down like Boardbooster) Please take a look around and feel free to ask any questions or share any feedback - we’d really appreciate your thoughts. Most importantly, we'd love to hear about your current pain points and wishlist for social media management - we're always keen to learn what people need, and then deliver something that helps solve their problems. 🙌 We’ll be around to join in the discussion in the comments. 🎁 PS: On launch day (29/11/2018), we're running a 24 hour competition to give away One FREE Year on the Agency Plan (worth $815) 🎓 PPS! If you’re a registered non-profit or in education, find out how you can get a 50% discount permanently! 👩‍💻 We're hiring! See our job listings on the right!
@mnlfrgr @brianleejackson @claudeschneider Love the launch! Just wanted to know - anything significantly different to Buffer, Hootsuite and the other bunch of apps around?
@mnlfrgr @brianleejackson @suhasmotwani Thanks so much Suhas! That's such a great question! Many of our Customers are ex-buffer users who made the switch as they were looking for a more powerful tool which saves them more time. The main differences between us and Buffer is that you can categorise your posts and set them to post/recur seasonally. For example, right now we're seeing lots of our Customers smartly (pun intended) seasonally categorise their upcoming Christmas posts. This means they can enjoy many Christmases to come without worrying about their social promotions/engagement posts over holiday periods. You will also be able to effortlessly tweak and line up each post whilst creating them to keep your feed fresh and exciting (Variations feature). On top of this, SmarterQueue also has content curation, and analysis of your social profiles/posts! 🎉 With us, you'll be able to analyse what works specifically for your unique audience - all of these features Buffer doesn't offer. We've written direct comparisons for SmarterQueue vs Meet Edgar and Hootsuite in the links below; Hope this helps 😀
@mnlfrgr @claudeschneider @suhasmotwani Hey Suhas! As one of the early users of SmarterQueue, all I can say is there are probably a hundred things you can do in it, that you can't do in Buffer or Hootsuite (too many to list!) I know that sounds crazy, but Claude is seriously a data junkie and thinks of everything. I highly recommend you dive into the trial and you'll see what I'm talking about 😉. Be ready for your mind to be blown!
@mnlfrgr @brianleejackson @claudeschneider Thank you for creating SmarterQueue and for keeping it simple and affordable. This is perfect even for solopreneurs. Keep up the great work!
Can't recommend SmarterQueue enough 🙌 My partner and I swears by SmarterQueue and we've been using it to manage all of the accounts/entities we're involved in. We switched away from Hootsuite and have been using it since the early days when SQ was just focused on content curation, evergreen recycling, and analytics. @claudeschneider and team have been super responsive to bug fixes and feedback and there's been so many improvements since. Kudos on the launch! 🎉
@jtcchan Thanks SO much for the love - I've shared your feedback with all the team 🎊 We're so happy to have you as a Customer and have so many cool new features in store for you too... 😎

I've tried most all of the top schedulers and came back to SmarterQueue. I run three businesses so it helps me to organise my content, make sure I am posting to all of my profiles, easily see gaps in the schedule and keep my best stuff on repeat. It is one of the essentials of my business tool box.


Evergreen content, categories, posting plan, RSS feeds, multiple platforms, great interface. See the gaps in schedule, browser extension


Instagram isn't auto posting (yet)

Hi Angela, thanks for the kind review and being a loyal customer! Really helpful to see what's most useful for you 😺

I switched to SQ over a year ago and couldn't be without it now. It's saved me hours and hours in scheduling and is so easy to make sure I get a good mix of content. It prompts when things run low and now that seasonal categories and copy/image variations are possible, it answers every single one of my needs.


Calendar view, auto-recycling, copy and image variations, content curation, categories and just all round awesomeness!


Cost, maybe. Nothing else really for me

Hi Socially Bonded (love the name!), Thanks for so much love! Wow! I don't know if you've seen the Wall of Love on, but we'd just love to include this review on there - would that be okay with you? Sarah 😺
Have used SmarterQueue for a while now. Can't recommend it enough for the busy startup founder.
@alexsowter Thanks so much for recommending! ❤️ We're so happy that you're enjoying using SmarterQueue!