Smarter Time

Automatically measure, analyze and improve your use of time

We all feel under pressure these days - we lack control over our time.

Smarter Time is a mobile Artificial Intelligence that gives you time back for what really matters. Imagine if you could have proper self-knowledge, then the power to make the change you need.

What would you do with one more hour every day? Let’s make 2018 the year you find out!

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Thank you so much for hunting us, Jack! Really appreciate it. Smarter Time is the story of three long-time friends who shared a common issue: we were all young professionals, all trying to juggle various obligations, and we all feeling overwhelmed by our lives. We never quite managed to see the friends we wanted to see, do the work we wanted to do, and let’s not even talk about hobbies… Our CEO, Emmanuel, was working as a project manager - so he knew there were professional time-tracking tools, but those tools were always aimed at making life easier for the boss, and never making employees happier. So he left, and started sounding people around him about an app that would track our time and help us figure our lives out, in a way that would be a real help, instead of a hassle. Turned out, everyone had the same issues - and everyone needed a solution. Three years later, here we are. We spent those three years working days on end on making our algorithms as powerful as possible, and our UX as friendly as possible. We have come up with a brand new location algorithm, who can spot you at room-level indoors. We have devised a smart brain who can learn from your habits, so it guesses your activities without input. And we designed a powerful timeline who cleans all the noise and only keeps the signal. Along the way, we also picked up a philosophy: your data should remain fully yours. The way some companies offer “free” services but use your data against you - we’re against that. So we’ve built our app using privacy by design. We are now working on new features - so you can, soon enough, have in your pocket a fully-fledged coach who can help you make the right decisions for you. But for now, we would really appreciate your feedback on our Smarter Time tool. We wanted to achieve magic time-tracking, and we believe we’re well on our way. Now we need you to try out the app and help us figure out how to make it even more magical. We're also giving away a free month's subscription to anyone who wants to try out the app! Just fill in this Google Form: And of course feel free to ask us any questions - we'll be happy to help!
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I used several of these time tracking apps, this is by far the best I ever used. I still think that this should be the beginning and there should be makers out there that can use this kind of data and build upon it. Smartwatch integration will be a must in the future but I have been a longtime user of the app and cannot recommend it more. Also, great comms with the team, they shown me that they are listening to feedback, so don't miss the opportunity to discuss the app with them here
@joantune Thank you! Our API is not ready yet, but now you can export all your data in csv if you want to analyze it by yourself :)
@emmanuel_pont cool you didn't have that when we last exchanged messages! it would be great to see people building on top of this product to do even better stuff with it
@emmanuel_pont @get2vikasjha something like that would be nice perhaps. Do you have any examples in mind?
@joantune @emmanuel_pont what's your plan for the API? I would love to test it out!
This is great news to me! If I'm not mistaken this is a auto- personal assessment tool to clarify understanding of your personal behaviours through mobile! Correct? Of course this product is great for everyone for obvious reasons... I'll try to think of a few unique use cases you may have missed here: -This would be great for "Work" Mobile Phones to keep track of how employees spend their time. -Also great for Students who want to make the most of their time investments. I can't really think of more because you all have designed an App applicable to "everyone" so any more demographics I state will just be re-stating the obvious. I think a key impact this will have on users is a feeling of fulfillment.. As no matter what users do they will be notified of what they were doing. One of the best (by-far) product i've seen come through #StartupStudyGroup Slack. Thank you for reading. I look forward to hearing more of your success progressing forwards! Jaswinder Brar.
@jay_bee12345 Hey JB! You got that right, as the app can track for you the time you spent both on the apps of your phone (as well as the apps or URLs on your computer actually), but also offline (like how much we sleep). And your use cases are well thought, as we already have lots users who are either workers trying to optimize their workflow (either so that they can do more, or go home earlier, and who could blame them) and students using it to make sure they study enough for their exams! (wishing you luck guys!)
Looks like an interesting product. Heard from #StartupStudyGroup Slack. cc @charlesjo
@charlesjo Thank you Charles! Indeed we are making personal time tracking easy to do and (almost) fully automated, so that we can focus on making time for the things that matter! And the iOS version is in the works, and making good progress as it's already used daily by our testers! (you can click the 'iOS Beta' button on to subscribe)

I have been using one or another time tracking app for years, this one is by far the easiest and best to use.

As I said There should be ways and apps that can use this data - APIs or the sorts - smartwatch integration would be nice - but the team is more than willing to hear suggestions and their communication is excellent


Great intelligent way to track what you're doing - most of the times you won't need to update it as it tracks your location/phone activities


There should be ways and apps that can use this data - APIs or the sorts - smartwatch integration would be nice

On a sidenote: I have been using this product for way over an year, but there's no such option here
Thank you so much for your review, João! As you know, it truly makes our day when we hear back from happy users - and it is the biggest help to us when we get constructive feedback. More integrations are definitely on our to-do list. There aren't very many of us yet, which means we're taking it a little bit slow, but we'll get there!!