Smartcuts: How Hackers, Innovators, and Icons Accelerate Success

Stories of innovators who dared to work differently and pra…

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Ben Tossell
No-coder 👉
This book by @shanesnow - I cannot recommend it enough in all honesty. I read it while I was living in London, in debt and at a job I no longer loved - I longed to be in the tech startup game but something was missing. This was one of those books I read and immediately it resonated with me. Since then I have had an eventful year which I wrote about in my recent post "How I Landed a Job at Product Hunt" (can be read here: ) Don't want to come across as too cheesy or anything but this book really changed something for me and I feel I didn't climb the ladder as some usually do but went up and across multiple scenarios to end up on the Community team here at PH and I absolutely LOVE what I do. @shanesnow so, cheers :) Happy Friday all!
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@bentossell same here, Ben. One of my all-time favourite books. Written beautifully with easy to understand concepts and solid examples that drive the point home. Great to see you were successful with the ladder hacking smartcut ;)
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Kevin EspirituMarketing, Book in a Box
This book was fantastic. I met @shanesnow in NYC and he was an awesome dude. I ended up taking some comprehensive notes on the book if anyone is interested:
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Derek Morin
CEO @ Tabarnapp
@shanesnow great book! We should talk, i launch a similar book this month. Maybe we can help each other / cross-promote / idk !