Reduce co-parenting stress, live longer.

We launched SmartCoparent, the ultimate co-parenting solution, with the vision to re-imagine the way co-parents and professionals collaborate. SmartCoparent is endorsed by the Institute of Divorce Financial Analysts (IDFA®).

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Hi everyone! I’m the founder of SmartCoparent. For a few years now, we’ve been creating tools that empower co-parents and professionals to increase collaboration and encourage better living. I’m excited to share our next evolution in #familytech on Product Hunt and most importantly, to get your feedback. As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA)® I founded SmartCoparent to continue to make good on our mission to change co-parenting lives. SmartCoparent is a complete, co-parenting platform designed to revolutionize the way co-parents collaborate, store, share, track everything and rebuild their financial confidence throughout the divorce process, and well beyond. As co-parents ourselves, we know it’s not easy managing scheduling logistics, communication, support payments and budgets when parents are raising children in two different homes. Getting everyone on the same app to get things organized isn’t always feasible either. With SmartCoparent, we focused on bringing the best-valued, most comprehensive platform with very unique features to the co-parenting digital experience, including: The app was designed for all co-parenting relationships, it works on any device and both co-parents do not need to join to make use of key features. Subscribers can invite unlimited members to their account for free, which include both child friendly profiles and professional modules. We took into account the unique needs of custodial and non-custodial parents, by providing customized dashboards, features and reports that fit each person’s co-parenting status. The net result is that co-parents, family law professionals and family courts are all encouraged to recommend, use and share the application consistently. We’re very excited to share SmartCoparent with the Product Hunt community. For a short time, we’re also giving a year of our Premium Service for free for anyone who wants to give us a try and switch from another paid provider. Just send us a note at We’ll do the rest. Thank you for your input, questions, comments.