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Hi guys, we built Smartcasual@Work to help companies use their stories as a marketing tool to attract the talent with the best cultural fit. It's free to use as long as you don't need to hire more that 5 people at the same time. We hope you guys like it and any feedback is welcome!
This looks extremely promising. I'd say thay 3 of my 5 last jobs came to me (or I got to them) through my connections in Twitter and LinkedIn. If this can be somehow done for me, that would be great!
@mordodemaru Great to see that you like it! Thank you for the encouragement :D We are actually looking to open in Spain really soon and trying to find companies who are willing to try the service there, please let us know if you can recommend anyone I can get in touch for that! We have a lot of new features coming soon that we think can make a big impact on the way companies hire and would love feedback too.
Great UX, def need to fill up supply before pushing demand here. @smartcasualwork @pascualin @free_motion
Sadly, all signup and login attempts were unsuccessful. Signup with LinkedIn - confirmed email - but no PW given. Try to recover PW- dead end.
@wurtis hello, if you sign up with LinkedIn you don't need a password since we use LinkedIn credentials to verify your identity. Simply click on the LinkedIn login and you should be in. Please contact us through the in-web support chat if you are still facing an issue with this and I'll help you solving it! Thanks for letting us know!