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Really proud of @pascualin and @free_motion for putting a lot of work into this app. They have been working extremely hard to encourage talented folks in the Hong Kong community to use the product and it's working. Give it a try, the results are surprising.
I'd love to be able to offer up some time to do things like this but I just feel that I do not have the time! I'd love to know how valuable people find office-hours products. I know they are tremendous help when in an accelerator program but curious to see how people have felt using them as just a separate product??
nice and simple product waiting for the Android Version :)
A very neat concept. I'd like to be able to edit my own profile as what it pulled from LinkedIn in a bit confusing.
@srcasm you can edit your profile to some extent. Open settings menu and tap your profile image. You will be able to edit your Summary and select the current position you want to show to other users. You can also update your profile image. More customisation coming soon!
This looks wicked! We've been doing office hours as a team offline - would love to try and use this to manage and schedule.