Lets you select text and hit Caps Lock to change the case

Don't you get annoyed when you accidentally type everything with caps lock on?
SmartCapsLock lets you just select the text and press Caps Lock again to instantly fix the case instead of typing everything again.
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I got the idea for this on r/Showerthoughts a few years ago and never imagined Reddit would make me productive 😄 This is also great for touch typists – anytime you want to change the case of text, you'd have a handy shortcut to do it. Like while making sPonGEBob mEMeS, or if you're a programmer and want to convert text into snake_case, kebab-case, camelCase or PascalCase. Let me know if you have any feature suggestions or feedback!
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this is so great i mean THIS IS SO GREAT 🥳
You are amazing This is amazing
It doesn't work inside vscode idk why
@nikkitaftw Weird, didn't work for me either in VS Code (I use it too but was on Sublime for some time). I'm gonna look into this and try to fix it. Will let you know when an update is available. Thanks for reporting this, Sara!
Wow! Looks very useful. I can’t wait when I try it) Congratulations!