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#2 Product of the DayMarch 28, 2016
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As a marketer I understand why you are making us submit an email address before trying out smartbribe. As a Product Hunter I absolutely hate submitting an email before trying out the app. It sends the wrong message to the community. That you care more about your signup numbers, than demo-ing the product. If you want positive feedback, you have to open the kimono 👘
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@dredurr Hey Deandre! I appreciate you checking SB out. This is definitely something I thought about. But here is the deal... We thought it would be disingenuous to tell other people to use SmartBribe if we weren't using and demo-ing it ourself. We thought about the best way to do that and decided using it like we recommend others to use it would be the best way. This is how it works: 1. Find your most popular lead magnet 2. Install a SmartBribe on the TY page for it. 3. Offer some cool bonus content on that page 4. If peeps want in, they share. If not, they don't. Hope that helps. Rock on!
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@dredurr I feel a lot of people do this more and more recently. My biggest issue is asking for a phone number and no alternative to see app on App Store (from desktop). There should always always always be a way to see how the product works. "Growth-hacking" is hardly a decent way to get users long term, or that matter. I feel this instance works best for things courses and markety stuff.
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@bentossell @dredurr There is a video on the landing page showing how it works. Can always watch that to see if it's a good fit. But there really is no way around asking for your email (we don't ask for phone number), the app requires an account to use (so we can store your bribes and related info), so wether we ask for it on a landing page or the account setup page, it's kinda all the same.
@harris_bryan oh yeah I know I just meant for these "growth hack" style pages that I see and different versions of getting info. :)
@harris_bryan your idea has assumption that people would already have subscribed it will subscribe. The challenge I am facing is how to get initial traffic on landing page and convert to subscribe before app launch . Example: I have app getting ready in mid April called It is food recommendation private messenger basically whatsapp + Yelp a layer above Yelp where we find restaurants and dish recommended from our friends. You can send shout out Ask or push reco. I have landing page in place but conversion very less. How do I let people know to visit the page ? Currently, I am taking food photos posting on Fb, Instagram, Fb groups and try to get relevant food lovers traffic. Can anyone here advice ?
Thanks for featuring us Product Hunt! A little background on SmartBribe.... 1. We built this app a few days ago during a 24-hour Product Challenge (full story: 2. The app solves a big problem for us: "How do we get people to send traffic to us once they optin" 3. We installed SmartBribe on our site and it increased our average daily share count from 10-15 shares per day to over 500 (in the first 24 hours) This is how it works: Step 1: First identify your most popular existing lead magnet (ebook, newsletter, video course etc) Step 2: Setup a SmartBribe to give away something in addition to that free thing on the thank you page (SB will allow you to give this additional thing in exchange for people telling their friends about you) Step 3: Once your peeps tell their friends about you (via Twitter and email) they’ll get the additional awesome thing It takes about 30 seconds to install. To see it in action go to Going trough the signup process will show you what it looks like as we use SB to distribute SB (inception like).
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Hey @harris_bryan Wow! This is cool - Wanted to give "Smart Bribe" a try and I see blank white page of death after email submission - I understand you had a server issue and wondering if this is fixed?
@athif's working on our end. What browser are you in? Maybe we can diagnose the issue.
Another helpful tool for growth, thanks Bryan! Really enjoy watching your 24 hour product cycles.
This is brilliant, and even smarter that Bryan is using the app itself to promote... the app itself. The proof is in the meta-pudding, my friends.
Cool product Bryan. We have tried things like this in the past as well but how do you know the tweet has been really shared on Twitter? Twitter doesn't allow you to get that information. Also, in your video it looks like the progress bar moves without sharing.
@gvzuilen "Twitter doesn't allow you to get that information" -> how come? you can either use the streaming api 'listening' for a certain URL, or get to inspect a person's latest tweets (not sure if it requires any permission for this).
@gvzuilen Solid question. This has been something people have wondered about a lot. Here is the deal: 90% of the people that start the SmartBribe process share it (despite it not being 100% locked down and us not verifying the share). Since that completion rate is so high in this v1.0 we didn't spend the time to create a full proof verification method. It's definitely something we'll explore in the coming weeks though.
@harris_bryan Thanks for your reply, fair enough. 90% sounds a bit high though.
@gvzuilen I'm sure it'll vary person-to-person. But yea, much higher than I would have thought.
@harris_bryan @gvzuilen Ok folks, I watched the smartbribe video, and you can track who actually posted a tweet in the following manner: 1. Instead of using the more frictionless Tweet intent - ask for permissions to write a tweet for that person, and your server does the tweet using the REST API (cons: it has more friction for the tweet than what currently exists) 2. Make all the links in a form, e.g. and use Twitter's Stream API and connect with the parameter track set to that URL ( [Cons: 1. not sure if track can be used for unshortened URLs ; 2. Rate limiting is a *itch, theoretically only one connection per IP is allowed, but this can be solved by listening to rate limit warnings and using Twitter's search API for the link to fill in the blanks] 3. Scraping - always a bad idea if you have alternatives @gvzuilen - did you guys considered these methods?