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Hi Product Hunters! I am Nikhil, CEO and Co-Founder of SmartBill. SmartBill is the UK’s first bill & subscription management platform that saves you money on your bills & subscriptions. We created it because we found it increasingly difficult to keep a track of our own bills and subscriptions. We would often find ourselves paying for subscriptions that we didn’t intend to when we joined up free trials for products, which then starting charging us without our knowledge and without further notice at the end of the trial period! I am sure others have been there too! SmartBill solves this problem and quite a few others by doing all of the following! – Shows you all of your recurring payments, which in the UK includes Subscriptions, Direct Debits and Standing Orders in one convenient place – Allows you to cancels any unwanted subscriptions in a single click! – Sends you reminders about your insurance renewal dates so you can avoid automatically renewing at more expensive prices – Warns you of any price hikes, duplicate payments or overdraft fees that you were not expecting – Provides a weekly / monthly expenditure analysis to show your expenditure by category (should you wish to track beer consumption for instance ☺ ) – Will in future automatically recommend cheaper deals across all of your other (non-subscription) bills. i.e. Mobile, Broadband, Gas, Electricity and others (in the pipeline) – Operates on a secure platform, employing Bank Level Security, and complete data privacy for your total piece of mind. Product Hunt Offer: Sign up from Product Hunt today to secure “early adopter” access to a whole raft of “coming soon” features before they are released to others. It’s already a free service to this is the best we could offer you guys ☺ You can read more about our motivations in this blog post: And in this PR Release: Please don’t be shy and feel free to ask any questions that you have! We are here! Best, Nikhil P.S – It’s a service we have tailored to best serve UK customers but those in other territories should see some benefit too (subscriptions only, not other bills), as non-UK banks are supported.
Great idea!
@jeremy_otto Thanks indeed Jeremy let me know if any feedback or questions?
So basically it is another subscription based business which gonna charge money from a card?
@dainiskanopa Hi Dainis, Thanks for your interest. No we will never charge you any money for this service - it's completely free. We will never even ask you for your card details. We will aim to monetise in the future, if users by cheaper products from us and we will get referral commisions from the product providers themselves. Is a free service for users! Always.
Great service. I would use it, if I had did not already know all my subscriptions and cancel them as soon as I don't need them anymore. :)
@martin_boddeker Thanks indeed! I see what you mean by already cancelling your unwanted subscriptions. However, should you not wish to get caught out in the future then feel free to set up an account and we'll alert you of any new subscriptions as they arise. We also give you price hike alerts, renewal reminders and spend analysis in case you are interested!
Hi All, Please excuse us, it seems our site is temporarily down due to traffic! We are working on this - however please do comment here if you would like to be a user and we'll reach out to you asap! Sincere apologies Best Nikhil