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Nikhil Shah
@nikhil_shah · Founder
Hi Product Hunters! I am Nikhil, CEO and Co-Founder of SmartBill. SmartBill is the UK’s first bill & subscription management platform that saves you money on your bills & subscriptions. We created it because we found it increasingly difficult to keep a track of our own bills and subscriptions. We would often find ourselves paying for subscrip… See more
Jeremy Otto
Great idea!
Dainis Kanopa
@dainiskanopa · https://middle.io
So basically it is another subscription based business which gonna charge money from a card?
Martin Boeddeker
@martinboeddeker · Founder, FindFocus.net
Great service. I would use it, if I had did not already know all my subscriptions and cancel them as soon as I don't need them anymore. :)
Nikhil Shah
@nikhil_shah · Founder
Hi All, Please excuse us, it seems our site is temporarily down due to traffic! We are working on this - however please do comment here if you would like to be a user and we'll reach out to you asap! Sincere apologies Best Nikhil