Smartbe Intelligent Stroller

First intelligent baby stroller of the new generation

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As an expecting father, it's cool to see this bold leap in stroller design! Curious to see how the product evolves after testing. Here's a link to the Indiegogo campaign:
Love the idea! I have a baby on the way, and I would use this!!
Baby on the way, here. Need to check this out. Strollers have become my parent crack.
As a parent of 2, not sure how comfortable I am having my baby in a device that I'm not physically touching. For sure I am not trusting any sort of wireless technology (at least this day in age) to be 100% reliable. Honestly, the only value I see in this is being able to freely swing your arms while running. The other uses cases are absolutely silly. "I want to walk with my stroller but I refuse to touch my stroller"... A recommendation. All jogging strollers on the market have a tether that the parent wears around the wrist. This ABSOLUTELY needs to have this feature for obvious reasons. Considering the tech, this tether should also be attached to a fail safe pin, much like the safety feature on treadmills, where if the tether is yanked out for any reason, the stroller loses power and stops.
my friends runners will love!!!