World’s most advanced phone data tracking app is here



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Neeraj Thakur — Marketer |
smartapp saves money by keeping you in control of your data usage. It also helps you keep a daily track of your 3G & Wifi usage and keeps you alerted with its unique forecasting feature. This App works with Prepaid & Postpaid plans across all global carriers.
Manish R. Jain — Co-founder, MProfit
I was part of the beta program and would use the app everyday. First I thought I would use it to track my 4G connection, in reality the information I gleaned from the WiFi connection was eye opening. I would have never looked at WiFi if it wasn't for this app.
Deepak Abbot — Building @getsmartapp
@mrjain_ Wifi usage is an eye opener for all. We don't realize how much data we eat today. Coming soon a mac app to also sync your Laptop wifi data
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