The first anti-theft luggage tracker in the World

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Do you know that every day 90 000 suitcases are lost by the arlines from which 3 000 are definitively lost? This fact could ruin your travel. That’s why Lev technology decided to change the way you travel and to reduce your stress by creating the Smart Unit. The Smart Unit locates your luggage at any time, any place around the world (wherever a cell phone GSM/GPRS network is available). The device is shut off at check in and self-activates upon landing due to its unique patented software. It will alert you if someone picks it up and walks away while the bluetooth technology circle connects you automatically to your luggage. The Smart Unit has a unique anti-theft system it will send an alert signal to your cell phone if the luggage has been opened during its transportation
Really fascinating idea. I'd be curious to learn more about how the tech works. Suppose your luggage got put on the wrong airline. Then what? Also, if it's buried deep in my suitcase, how does it know it's been opened?
@liora_ Thanks for your interest in knowing about our technology! We have already had cases like that -- for example, you’ve just flown to London but your luggage is in NYC. Thanks to the app, you can precisely locate your luggage using the Smart Unit device. Once you have tracked your luggage, you can ask your airline company to help you retrieve it and send your luggage to your door. In fact, many airline companies were surprised at first because users knew the exact location and they didn’t. The Smart Unit device works best if it is placed on top of your luggage. If it is buried deep in your suitcase, among your clothes, it will be difficult to detect an opening.
Great idea! Airlines and airports are looking for ways to make returning flights more convenient. From the moment luggage comes out of the airplane, it's very hard to track where it is. Currently, airports and airlines have no idea and passengers are waiting for their stuff with only an indication of arrival time, no real estimation. This will solve a lot...
What about putting a tile in your luggage? Which is what I do
I already lost my luggage twice and I don't want that happen again, airline companies are not helping at all, i'm gonna try this product for sure, thumbs up