Smart Tab Mute

Ensures that only one tab is playing sound at the same time

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Hello Hunters, i am pretty sure some of you might be familiar with the following situation: You are listening to music inside your browser on Soundcloud, or any other platform. As usual someone suddenly sends you a video link you wanna open. Since most of the videos have sound too, you are now looking for your music tab, pause or mute it and then start the video. When the video ends the whole procedure backwards. THAT SUCKS!!! Thats why i built this Chrome extension. It does exactly the right thing™ in this situation. When you open a new tab that needs audio, any other tab playing audio will be muted. Closing the new tab will automatically unmute the previously muted tab. Update: @noniq made this extension also available for Firefox See the extension in action:
@neuling2k this video is great! Can you send me the link to the jonny bravo theme song? ❤️
@jollife thanks and of course
@neuling2k I hate that situation so much that I don't even realised I was hating it! Thanks a lot!
@corleyh stop playing taylor swift when we are having calls!
This is a fantastic idea! Installing now :)
Good job, but it doesn't automatically switch between 2 YouTube videos playing. It will be great if the Youtube video that lost focus is muted and the currently showing is unmuted.
@diamondobama good point. thanks for the feedback. i recently had the same situation. i will update the extension to support this case!
There is already a working extension