No more lost messages in Slack. Ever.

You schedule a follow-up, and the bot does it all for you. Magic.

Keep calm and use the #1 Slack bot for standup meetings. And follow-ups.

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Hey, Product Hunt mates! 🙌 We've brought a super useful feature to Slack. Are your important messages get lost in Slack? Did you ever forget to follow-up and screwed up things? Set and schedule automatic follow-ups at a click of a button with the help of Standuply bot. It works this way: 1️⃣ Select a message you'd like to follow-up. 2️⃣ Choose "add follow-up" in an action menu. 3️⃣ Select a person, timing, and a question. Then on a schedule Standuply bot will reach out to that person and follow-up on your behalf. Once the person provides the answer, you'll get it right away. So you can put all your follow-up on autopilot and focus on the bigger picture. Isn't it cool? I've been missing that feature for years! Standuply bot is used in both Fortune 500 companies and tiny startups. Slack corp uses Standuply for their standup meetings. So you'll be in a great company😎 Moreover, follow-ups is the part of the free plan of Standuply. We've been bootstrapping Standuply from ground zero in Siberia to $25k in monthly revenue. We recently shared our story, if you haven't seen it, check it out here: As usual, ask me questions and/or promo codes for Standuply 😉 Alex, CEO of Standuply
@sprinter I always thought the /remind function would be more useful if you could use it with messages or when sharing a message with yourself, this could help!
@abadesi ah, that's a good idea. Do you mean just a reminder to yourself about particular message?
@sprinter exactly - like a msg asking me to do sth, or that shows me how to do a task
@abadesi thanks, I will keep that in mind for the future releases. For what kind of tasks would it be useful, what do you think?
@sprinter Is there anyway a bot could automatically monitor unanswered messages sent in Slack that end with a question mark and, after a determined amount of time, or once per day, message me with the list of to followup on? I do this manually now with the official Slack message-specific reminder feature but it's tedious to schedule for every message.
I usually do that by asking slack to remind me of this message at some point in the future, that way I can decide if (and how) I want to follow-up. With this bot, I'd fear that my follow-up question will be outdated when it is sent because something has changed in the meantime or the people already came back to me with the information I needed.
@pbriod I think something nice would be if the bot would let you review the follow up questions one more time before sending them out.
@pbriod @nafetswirth Guys, thanks for your suggestions. It makes it a lot of sense, so we'll consider how we can improve the bot based on it. How often do you use Slack reminders, by the way?
@pbriod @nafetswirth @sprinter I use reminders that way as well. One downside to reminders is that it doesn't provide context unless you specifically say it in the question. i.e - "Hey John, can you check up on this thing that is broken?" - "Sure Arthur, will do it asap" --> "/remind me to check status on this tomorrow morning" This will send me a private message the next morning: "Hey you asked me to remind you to `check status on this tomorrow morning`" - no context unless you remember the conversation. Personally a good reminder app would: 1) Link to the conversation or at least remind me the conversation(you already do that) 2) Send me a private message at a specified time. (That way if the reminder is irrelevant you can just ignore it)
@pbriod @nafetswirth @arthur_sav Arthur, it's exactly how Standuply bot handles that. It provides the link to the original message. Also it asks in a DM the question you define, i.e. "what's your progress on that?". Then you get an answer (or "no answer") from the assignee.
@nafetswirth @sprinter I agree, an option to review the follow-up before sending them out would make this work for me. I probably use the native reminders function for a follow-up on a message 2-3x a day.