Smart-Save by Stash

Save your spare cash, automatically.

Smart-Save studies your spending and earnings patterns to figure out when you’ve got cash to spare. It automatically saves the extra cash in your Stash account, where it earns interest and is available for you to invest, seamlessly.

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Congrats on the new products! Stash is becoming one of my go to applications for all my financials. Could you tell us a little more into how the team came up with this product?
Thanks for the kind words @charleyma! A lot of Stashers are first-time investors, and we are always doing research to make that experience easier. What we found is that a lot of Stashers really want to get started investing, but wanted to Stash some money away to savings first. We started digging deeper into the reasons they hadn’t saved already and found that generally: 1) people didn’t know how much they needed to save 2) that it's really hard to force yourself to save instead of spend if it’s right there in your checking account Smart-Save solves both by analyzing your spending patterns and income to personalize the right amount to save. It happens automatically so you don’t have to feel the pain of putting each dollar away. And best of all, you can invest it in your regular Stash Invest or Retire account and build a better financial future on the back of your savings. Thanks for using Stash, you’re awesome!