Smart Ride

Order an Uber without a smartphone

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Hey ProductHunt! I created Smart Ride to let my 95 year old grandma use Uber, as she doesn't have a smartphone, but needed a way to get around. With Smart Ride, she can take advantage of Uber without the app. Do you have a grandparent/parent who could use Smart Ride? Sign up for a free 30 day trial, and cancel anytime. Feedback appreciated!
@jackhcable how does this compare to GoGoGrandparent?
@chrismessina According to GoGoGrandparent, their fees average to about $2.50 per ride, which add up over a month. SmartRide is offered at a fee of $5 per month, regardless of the number of Uber rides you take, so it's a much cheaper option.
@jackhcable I see. How do you make those economics work? What is your relationship with Uber? How do you sign up new riders?
@chrismessina The phone system is automated and requests rides using the Uber API, which eliminates the need to manually process each ride. New riders sign up through Uber, which allows us to request rides from their account. Smart Ride is not an official Uber product, but rather makes use of the Uber API to request and manage trips.
Great Product & Associated Services! Really Smart Innovation. Consider pursuing partnership with Nokia to promote use of your new services as Nokia is the leading seller of "dumb phones" today. Thoughts? Thanks. JB.
Tried logging into, but just shows some JSON error saying "Something went wrong, please try again." πŸ€”
@nagra__ Hey, sorry about that. Can you try again now? Should be fixed.
Will you come out with a Lyft compatible version? I don't patronize Uber never have [nothing to do with the #DeleteUber situation].