Smart Podcast Player 2.0

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Hey! I think this is a great tool, so what a better time to share it when The Smart Podcast Player 2.0 was just been launched. For those of you that don’t know it was created by @patflynn and his team out of his own need for the Smart Passive Income blog. Many blogs are using it: @patflynn himself, @johnleedumas from EoFire, @amyporterfield and many more The player has been revamped and the website has been completely redesigned. Huge congrats to Team Flynn! New Features: - Search Box (searches within title, description and metadata) - New Buttons (Play button, fast-forward and rewind) - Sleek New Design
@lucasmaldonado @johnleedumas @amyporterfield Hey Lucas! Thanks so much for posting here about the newly revamped player! My team and I put a lot of hard work into the new design and are very proud of what we created! Looks better, but also functions better for both the podcast listener, and the producers.
@patflynn @johnleedumas @amyporterfield You are most welcome. You have done a great work, kudos to you and your team!