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Leandra Elberger
Senior Comms & Development Mgr at VFA
@Jess_O_Matt is one of the most decorated guests we have had on the #VFApodcast. Her accolades include Fortune’s Most Promising Women Entrepreneurs (2015), Forbes 30 under 30 list (2014), Black Enterprise’s Innovator of the Year (2013), and Scientist of the Year by the Harvard Foundation (2012). Jessica is the daughter of an entrepreneur and was always tinkering as a child - she even has the scars to prove it! While getting her undergraduate degree at Harvard University, Jessica enrolled in a class that eventually led to her idea for the SOCCKET a portable, power generating soccer ball designed to promote physical activity and spread awareness about the global energy problem. Designing and manufacturing the SOCCKET wasn't easy and Jessica candidly shares the ups and downs of a messy kickstarter campaign and all that she learned about manufacturing, supply chains, and customer service. Listen to this episode to hear more about Jessica's journey and how President Clinton motivated her to quit her day job to pursue Uncharted Play full time. @uplayco