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@YoungBrandoff & @ZubinTehe met at Venture for America's second ever Training Camp and knew it was business partners at first sight. Evan spent his VFA Fellowship in Detroit as VP of Business Development at Benzinga while Zubin worked as the Manager of Business Development at IDScan in New Orleans. They always kept in touch, bouncing startup ideas off of each other in preparation to build a company. Evan had his "AHA" moment at a basketball tournament in Detroit where he realized that the best way for companies to connect with families was through youth sports games. He called Zubin with his idea and @LeagueSide was born! Evan & Zubin joined the first ever VFA Accelerator at the end of their Fellowships with just an idea and finished 3 months later with real clients and a growing business. They have since hired a VFA Fellow as their first employee and continue to grow and scale at a rapid pace. Check out this week's episode of the Venture for America podcast to hear more about LeagueSide's fumbles and recoveries and their passion for lowering the cost of youth sports for kids.