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Leandra Elberger
Senior Comms & Development Mgr at VFA
In his sophomore year at Yale, @bhargreaves noticed that the university was selling a lot of antique furniture and spotted an opportunity. With a rented U-Haul and a newly caught entrepreneurial bug, Brad and his friend @brimer bought antique furniture at very low prices and resold it for a profit. They called the company Aloysius. Since their days at Yale, Brad and Matt have worked on several businesses together including General Assembly (@GA), a global educational institution, which they co-founded in 2011. General Assembly has grown tremendously over the last 5 years, raising over $100M in investment. Now Brad is working on @hicommon, a company that offers flexible, community-driven housing by providing fully furnished, month-to-month memberships, beginning in New York City. Listen to this week's podcast to hear about how General Assembly aims to democratize technology education and how Common is changing the way we look at housing.
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Fred Rivett
πŸ† winner, april fools day 2017
Great episode from Brad, really insightful on the process of how to choose an idea worth working on. My favourite quote: "You get fascinated not by ideas, but by problems, & once you have a problem in your head, its much harder to say, this problem is not worth solving." Thanks @bhargreaves πŸ™Œ