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Hey everyone! I'm the co-founder of "Smart Home in a Box” along with @jeffw_r. “Smart Home in a Box" is the easiest way to make your home smart. We select the best devices, customize to your needs, pack them in a box, install and set them up, and refund you within 21 days if you do not like them. Supported by Mosaic's AI Chatbot, you can access and chat with all these smart devices through Facebook Messenger, Slack, SMS, and Amazon Echo! Get it at If you have any uses cases in your company or just as a developer, please email me at and I'm happy to chat. I'm also here to answer any questions you have :)
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@sumang_liu @jeffw_r @saymosaic Really interesting product! Just curious, what comes with the 'professional installation'? Do you also help me setup my phone / Slack / etc to interact with the tech after I receive it?
@shwinda @jeffw_r @saymosaic Hi Ashwin, thanks for your interests! For installation, we not only install the device but also help you connect them to Mosaic on Slack, FB, Echo, and SMS. If you want app interaction, we also help you set up their native apps and suggest other third party apps. We will make sure you know how to use it and use it in the most efficient way:)
Great product! Looking forward to a fully voice controlled smart home. :)
@cynthia_liu1 thanks, get our essential box to gear up your Jarvis home
This is a great service / product pack you're providing! It's amazing that someones actually solving the home automation uptake problem with such simplicity. This has been the biggest problem I've seen with Home Automation - Uptake lack thereof due to complexity and understanding. You're bringing an apple style approach to the market and I love it! Looking forward to placing an order :)
@karlkloppenborg Thanks for your kind words, Karl. Yes, we are all super home automation lovers and we find the most challenging part of home automation is: 1. Installation 2. Set up (usually ignored) 3. Interaction with all different devices. So that is why we want to simplify the problem by providing this end-to-end solution to customers. When you place an order, let me know. We will provide you the best experience!
Great idea! I think getting started with smart home products can be sort of challenge if you're not an early adopter techie type. This could really help them go mainstream, and connecting them to a smart chat interface should tie it all together, for even older folks. Looking forward to it.
@ajkates Thanks, Alex. Interesting to think about the use case for seniors.
"pro" installation and support still the only way to get "smart" devices working for you. total product UX progress disappointingly slow in this category.
@jonprice agree. UX is one of the important part of getting devices "smart". Besides that, fragmented tech framework may be another reason. We have seen 900+ branded smart devices and 16,000+ comparability connections. That is why our first step is to research on all of them and select the best (most meaningful) products. This requires a lot of knowledge and we would like to contribute and share!