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EnergyElephant's App is the FASTEST, EASIEST way to get energy readings for any home or business. We would love all feedback and support from the community for our mission to help users "MAKE BETTER ENERGY DECISIONS" using the power (pardon the pun) of their energy data. Hi guys and gals. Thanks for visiting our App's launch. We've already Beta-tested the bejaysus (Irish colloquial) out of our app so it has processed energy data from over 60 different countries and counting! If you would like to know more about how it works and ties into our Energy Bill analysis platform, come for a wee visit to https://energyelephant.com or download the app at https://energyelephant.com/app. Thanks in advance :) P.S. We are currently focusing on anyone who pays an energy bill.... this means you people!
PS. I might be biased but this app is totally AWESOME (cue the Lego Movie sound track! ;)