Smart Contact Lens

Google's project to help fight diabetes

No shoutout for UW in the TC article. Project was originally started at UW.
Good call @adamslieb, and nice work to the UW researchers that made it all happen. Tech press really needs to get better at finding the original sources of stuff
@ashbhoopathy @adamslieb Sadly that's not a problem unique to the tech sector. You'd be amazed at the frequency at which I read articles about the retail or apparel industries (in industry publications as well as mainstream ones such as WSJ and NY Times) where the research is not only incorrectly attributed, but actually reported incorrectly by virtue of having been corrupted or grossly misinterpreted somewhere along the line - often because they simply failed to read the content or footnotes and/or review the referenced source.
Turns out there have been disposable contact lenses that sense this since 2003
Implantables are gonna be scary and fun