Smartly adjusts your Mac's brightness according to white or dark content on your screen. So that you never get distracted with too much brightness when using dark mode. Once you set brightness for dark screen and bright screen individually the app interpolates the brightness to all in between shades of your screen content.
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The screenshots really tell a story.
@will_mckim Kept it very simple and just has two brightness settings to configure :)
US$10? seems excessive.
@hasan_diwan changed to $6 :)
Made a smart brightness app. Let me know what do you guys think :)
Can't tell it's effectiveness through the screenshots. Absolute no go until I can see how this actually works or plays out. You need a video or site that shows it in action.
@jesse_wallace Here you go Had to record in Slo-Mo to show this in action.
It's very hard to show this working in a video because it changes the Mac brightness. Here is a video trying to show this in action in Slo-Mo