Smart alarm clock + Bedtime reminder that wakes you in the lightest sleep cycle using Apple Watch. Using Haptics to wake you so that it is gentle on you and it does not disturb your partner.

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There is a backup alarm on the exact time you set. But at the same time it will look for light sleep phase within 30 minutes of your actual alarm time to wake you up so you feel refreshed
Great job!! 😊 Expecting this for Mi Bands
Hey @ethanyfan, Is this for people that don't need to be up at a certain time then?
I’ve been looking for an app like this for so long! I use my old Apple Watch as a sleep tracker and silent alarm. I don’t want to wake my wife. I’m trying to move my wake up time to 5:30 from 6:00 and it’s been tough. This will help.
@andrewwarner let me know if you have any feedback.

The fact that I can wake up with out waking up my other two house mates is great. The watch taps me gently and increases until I start moving around, to which it then fades away and if I don't move again for a few minutes it comes back. It's a really gentle and effective way of nudging you awake without getting in the habit of hitting snooze.

The watch and app graphics are nice and dark. I point this out because too many sleep apps are way too bright.

I can start the alarm from my watch, my phone can be plugged in and away.

I would like to see some refinements in the app UI. There are a lot of great features but they're hidden behind strange buttons and tucked away deep within menus. A walk-through wizard to set up the alarm and an easy to update dashboard when you first get to the app would be amazing.


Silent but effective, auto-snooze and auto-off based on motion, dark graphics, snore detection and anti-snore


Need to charge before/after (worth the data though), the UI on the app is a little cluttered, but not impossible