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Sean Bakko
Sean BakkoHunter@sean_bakko · Creating something cool ;)
Did you know humans spend a third of their life sleeping? That’s about 25 years of sleep! If we’re spending a third of our life sleeping shouldn’t we collect data when we sleep? Smart Alarm Clock is a great tool to use if you want to record movement and sounds while sleeping. Check out my feature on Snapchat
Dulitha Wijewantha
Dulitha Wijewantha@dulitharw · Founder of Alakazam 🔮
Damn, now we can all find whether we snore while we sleep.
Mikaël Héroux-V.
Mikaël Héroux-V.@mikael_hv · Grad student, Tech Management, Polymtl
How do you compare with Sleep Cycle alarm clock? What technology do you use?
Manuel@manuelauer · Law student, cereal lover, internet fan.
@mikael_hv Seems like you have to place the phone on your mattress, which I no longer have to with Sleep Cycle Alarm.
Gavin Gao
Gavin Gao@dirtylooptheory
been use this for quite a time.