Smallpdf is the first PDF software you will actually like. Crafted in Switzerland, the land of watches, banks and clean design, our mission is to provide a fast, reliable and most of all simple experience for our users in working with their documents. With 16 PDF tools, we cater to over 15 million monthly users in 20 languages.

  • Anurag Singh
    Anurag SinghMini Founder. 2 exits < $2mn. Building.

    Every imaginable task for PDFs. Converting to & from multiple formats. Unlocking etc. available too. Excellent file size optimization.


    Should introduce a pay per use pricing that can be voluntary too (when using free)/

    Hands down one of the the best PDF tools. Way better at optimizing PDF sizes while maintaining Content / Image quality. My go to for any PDF related task. I would recommend adding a one time "pay what you like" button instead of just subscription.

    Anurag Singh has used this product for one year.
  • Adil Gherib
    Adil GheribDigital nomad 110+ countries

    The best too to do whatever you need with a pdf.


    They should build a Mac app.

    Free up to 2 operations per day.

    Adil Gherib has used this product for one year.
I can't talk enough about the immense value this little tool provides, especially to business people without access to things like Acrobat DC. We regularly use the site's Compress PDF function to quickly and simply reduce the size of Google Slides exports.
Been using this for almost a year now. It's a perfect tool. Thanks to the developer.
Discovered Smallpdf lately and I cannot stress how handy this app is!
This is a life saver.