Smaller is a powerful HTML, CSS and JavaScript compressor on OS X which also has the ability to combine several files into one. Compress your files and make your websites load faster.

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Nice tool, but nothing about the price on the website, only after you download and install the App..
@baidoct Doesn't surprise me that that info wouldn't be upfront. I pre-ordered Mou 1.0 in early 2015 at $15 to help support development, but I've heard nothing since about progress and the developer has never replied to emails asking how development is going.
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@baidoct @ryan_roberts1 Yeah, same experience with this developer, also supported him via Paypal and he dropped everything, especially the ball on handling prospects and supporters... so purely on the person, not something to support.

It's hard to tell why I'd use this and why I'd pay for this.

Edit: My review is based on my own profile – I would love to know how others would use this.

I admit that setting up build tools is cumbersome but with the amount of examples out there it has become more and more approachable. Plus, those tools are frequently updated which I wouldn't get through this app.

As a developer, I do not want to manually minify my code every time I make a change. I just want it done and I want it done well.

The amount of time spent manually using this app could be used up front to setup automatic builds.

Cloudflare has a feature that will bundle and minify your assets for you without configuring anything. It's not perfect by any means either but it'll do that automatically with asset versioning and all.

Implementing continuous integration with dozen of popular frameworks and CI services would be great. Actually, an app that create and maintain boilerplate code would be amazing.

I'd drop the dependency on the JVM and use JavaScript with a native wrapper since all the frontend build tools are written in JS and you could support other platforms.


simpler than CLI


paid, limited, requires JVM

Just a heads up that this product has been around since at least 2014 and the developer has dropped support for some of their other products completely. I would be cautious in committing too much.
I'm reading some complaints about support, so I recommend CodeKit if you don't want to go through the process of setting up Webpack/Gulp yourself. And you can tweet at the developer and he answers almost immediately.
Please complete your project MOU on Indiegogo before you start selling other projects. Everyone who is thinking to buy it checks out this Indiegogo project before you make a decision. It's by the same author, has no update for 3 years, still waiting.