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Turn a dropbox folder into a website

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This is awesome. Took me seconds to create a slideshow. Here is the site I just created: http://slideshow-pz30e4dj.smvi.c... Examples of other themes:
This seems really cool but I have reservations about giving someone I don't know complete access to my Dropbox folder... The auth message just says "Small Victories App would like access to the files and folders in your Dropbox." The "Learn more" link from Dropbox states the levels of access they can request: + Access to its own data. This data doesn't appear in a folder in Dropbox, but it's part of your storage quota. + Access to its own folder in your Dropbox. The app will be able to access everything within its folder and know the path to that folder, but won't be able to access any other files or folders in your Dropbox. + Access to all folders and files of specific types anywhere in your Dropbox. This can be general groups of files, such as photos or documents, or specific kinds of files. If you're interested in what specific file extensions these may include, see our developer guide. + Access to all folders and files in your Dropbox. Without any details I can only assume I'd be authorizing SV with the last option!? That's crazy town.
@chhhris – thanks for your comment, Chris. You can read why SV asks for full access →
Small Victories takes files in a Dropbox folder and turns them into a website. There are pre-defined themes like Document (perfect for API docs), Slideshow (for sharing holiday pics) or Ecommerce (for selling stuff); or use it to easily host static HTML sites. It's pretty neat, no fuss site development that makes your content instantly look good. Love how simple everything was - from registration to finalizing my cover page. Get on it!
Sounds very interesting. How is this different from site44?
Obviously these folks have a business to run, but the terms of service include: "We may allow advertisers to place advertisements on the Sites. Clicking on such advertisements will direct you to the website of a third party. These websites may use tracking technologies in connection with these advertisements and may collect information from you, which may include Personal Information. This Privacy Policy does not cover the collection of information by these third-party websites. For information about our advertising partners, please visit their websites through the links included in the presentation of the advertisements."
@stephen_thomas — Thanks for your comment, Stephen. We're updating this to make it clear that though we do not show advertisements on users' sites, our users themselves may include ads and their own tracking software in the sites they create with Small Victories. As a result, we have to state in our TOS that we are not responsible for the ads and the tracking software that our clients want to use, for instance, Google Adwords or Google Analytics. Hope you'll still give SV a try!
@twentynine_nyc Cool. That's definitely reassuring. (And I already did sign up.)