Small Token Gift Wish List

A charitable gift wish list. Because you have enough stuff.

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We're matching up to $25(!) of the first donation you generate through your Small Token Gift Registry with the promo code HUNT25 (enter it when you Sign Up at Small Token is a way to tell your friends and fam that you want them to support causes you care about as a gift to you this holiday. It's the easiest answer to "what do you want me to get you for X this year?" and doesn't require you to feign excitement when you get another pair of socks you really don't want or need (I mean, there are people without shoes in this world, help them.) Plus, you're craving ways to support nonprofits who -- particularly after this election -- need us now more than ever. Their funding may dry up. We have all 1.5+ million US-based nonprofits available to choose from, so you're sure to see the ones you care about most. We're able to provide this service for free-- to you the user and to the nonprofit -- through the generosity of our philanthropist founders/funders. We don't take a penny or charge anything. Check out some Registries to get some ideas: Sophia Bush: Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump: (because we need to support causes he won't) Would love to hear your thoughts!
While I don't agree with many of the charities you have listed I do think the site is top notch! Great work!
@rdbrdd If you prefer other nonprofits, you can use our search to find any 501(c)(3) in the US... they're all available to be added to your Registry and donated to via Small Token. :-)

Would love to able to use this in Italy!


Great initiative


Only a few options, only for US