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Create a personal urban garden anywhere

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Love this idea! been doing similar things with 3D printing hydroponics systems and flat pack planters for kitchens. Do you have any working prototypes of the Hive? really interesting design but your webpage and indigogo pages doesn't seem to provide a lot of information.
Very nice product! Great to see products within the urban gardening realm on PH. Have you got any plans about creating more folders? Which ones? Would be pretty cool if one could pick and choose from a selection of folders and thus put together a personalized urban gardening of sorts. Just a thought!
Thanks @batteryless ! We do have future plans but are concentrating on these three (vertical garden, beehive, bug trap) at the moment. Its all inspired by the farmers themselves, so super interesting to see their innovations with regards to diversifying their incomes (e.g. creating beehives to sell the honey). Commonly these farmers are on $1 a day (Haiti especially) so these innovations really are super super important. You can choose which ones you would like from our Indiegogo campaign (click through on the site). The website is an information base, and we're launching the products by Indiegogo :) We've been going around London landmarks and doing guerilla gardening, and watching to see what people do. More often than not they take photos and ask where they can get one, so lovely to see!
@alexsowter @batteryless Yeah I can imagine it attracting a lot of attention around the cityscape in London :) Good luck with it!
Thanks @chrismessina for hunting SmallFolders! Super happy to see CPF (the charity) here again. As you can hopefully see, the products are all inspired by smallholder farmers from East Africa and Latin America. We're essentially spreading innovation from areas where innovation is not normally talked about. The SmallFolders are a range of products, and include a vertical garden, beehive and bug trap. The vertical garden enables people to grow food in the smallest of places, even up drainpipes! All the products are easy to use, and are super cheap ($15). We've partnered up with the awesome guys from @thoseworks who originally prototyped these with 3D printing, but now can laser cut these. Ill add a pic of the original 3D printed version ;)
@alexsowter How did you connect with the smallholder farmers?
@yozapli The charity (Cafedirect Producers' Foundation) work with smallholder farmers from East Africa and Latin America. Its pretty insane, as there are only 8 employees, and they work with 280,000+ smallholders. Feel free to send any further questions via email
@ThisDickie Thanks for the feedback! We also did lots of 3D printing :) - We are the early stages for the beehive, but we have working prototypes for the vertical garden + bug trap. Pictures coming soon!!!
This is a super clever idea -- from the inspiration to the target market. Great concept!
@chrismessina Thanks Chris, this post has really helped give the Indiegogo campaign a much needed boost too!