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Amazon Bestseller - actionable eCommerce optimization

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William Harris
VP of Marketing & Growth
I have met with Alex Harris in person (no relation) and heard him speak. This book is really great for anyone that wants to scale their eCommerce through CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization). It's actionable and insightful. I moved from a VC backed SaaS company to an eCommerce company and this book is one of the best I've read since making the switch.
Luiz Centenaro
Head of Customer Success
I'm reading this right now and it's spot on. Alex Harris has ran thousands of A/B tests and gives phenomenal advice that every eCommerce store should test to see if it works for their business.
Awesome, Alex! Fun to see your book here! I worked with Alex for years and can definitely say this guy knows his stuff. You can't talk to him for 5 minutes without walking away with way more ideas about things to map out to test or improve than you know what to do with. And now that he wrote a book, everyone can enjoy that fabulous "idea overload" from him.