The ultra lightweight code editor for OS X.

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A great replacement for TextEdit.
@_yannbertrand do you code in that? 😳
@grooveplex does that matter? For a full-fledged editor you might as well go with something more mature. This _is_ a good replacement for textedit. Probably not so for Vim, Atom or Sublime.
@grooveplex @_yannbertrand Code is just text. Programs like these (and others like VS Code, Atom, Sublime etc..) can write code with syntax highlighting but can't run the actual program
Probably the best code editor for presentations
I love how fast this is. A file-list would be a great addition imo.
@arunpattnaik This is a feature that will be added in the future ( Just ironing out the kinks to make it as powerful as possible before implementing such a large change.
Lovely new code editor for OS X. Comes without your regular powerhouse coding bells & whistles, but it's fast and powerful enough for quick code editing. Has GitHub Gists and small paste sharing and has more intergrations planned.
I didn't think that I had room for yet another code editor, but boy is this one fast. Loaded, parsed and highlighted a 35K line JSON (with code folding) in a flash. Coda II, my old war-horse takes several seconds to do the same.