Great conversations start with better questions

Smalk helps you get to know other people with over 2,000 thought provoking questions. Each question comes on a swipeable card you can ask either in-person or via 2-click sharing to Instagram Stories. Give it a try on your next Tinder date and see what happens!
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Smalk is a long-simmering idea I decided to turn into my first iPhone app with the help of @ion_brumaru. (So please go easy on me in the comments!) I've always been pretty good at asking questions, but noticed some people always use the same conversation starters when I see them. So my simple goal for Smalk is to help the entire world have better "small talk". But realistically, I'd probably be just as happy to hear I made your next date less boring... If you’ve played card games like “Never Have I Ever”, “Truth or Dare”, or “Would You Rather”, I think you’ll quickly understand how the app works. Even if you haven’t, I’ve tried to make Smalk as user friendly as possible. Simply select a card pack by Type or Topic and then swipe to see the next question. The app comes with hundreds of free starter cards or you can buy more card packs by Topic or Type. You can also save your favorite questions to easily find them later. If you end up using the app, I hope you'll be surprised by some of the answers you hear from people you thought you knew so well! And if you have any new question or UX suggestions, please do let me know. Happy Smalking!
Great product! I would love to know about your future plans
@livbergeron Thanks for checking out my app, Liv! As for future plans, I guess a lot depends on how many people start using the app on a regular basis... If there's enough interest, we might add a social element to it besides just the sharing to Facebook & Instagram stories.
Looks interesting enough to test in my podcast. Am I missing the Android app? Perhaps a link to the airtable could work for non iOS users 🤔
@sat2 Yes, we'd love to be considered for your podcast! Please let us know what you need. No Smalk Android app yet, but Ion and I were hoping to use initial sales from the iOS app to pay for its development. The questions are stored in Firebase, so we could definitely surface them elsewhere.