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World's best smart door & lock

SMADO smart devices save you from the day-to-day hassles of losing your key, finding the right key to use, or having to hide a spare key for someone yet to arrive at your house. It is a simple and sophisticated way to control your door through a Bluetooth-connected Smart Device, converting your doors into “smart” doors.

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Interesting !!
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Superb , worth it
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@rrhoover Looking at the comments of some of these things we're starting to get some obvious spam/shill/bot action, whatever you want to call it on product hunt. Dealing with it somehow?
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@rrhoover @thatmattgardner Was thinking the same thing. This is the worst example I've seen yet.
@thatmattgardner @tomjohndesign gross. Yes, we have systems that account for this in the ranking.
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Its available in


Easy to install


Need aluminium cover

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