Affordable luxury sheets for your home

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Tired of paying an arm and a leg for luxury sheets? Or buying those cheap sheets that feel like sandpaper?

Meet Slumber - 100% Egyptian Cotton, breathable, long lasting, luxury sheets at a killer price - all standard sets are under $100 and come with our exclusive sleep mist. Free shipping to the US included. Give us a look.

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Shuvo Saha


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Brady Harrison
Brady Harrison@brady_harrison · Founder, Hiney Club
Making a product easier to get but doubling the price eliminates the convenience in my mind. It seems that you guys have found a good way to simplify and make a good nights sleep affordable. Very good concept.
Nilanjon Bhowmik
Nilanjon BhowmikMaker@nilanjon_bhowmik · Digital Marketer
@brady_harrison Thanks Brady!
Benjamin Kerensa
Benjamin Kerensa@bkerensa · Founder, Glucosio
I’m skeptical I’ve bought expensive luxury sheets plenty only to have them be low quality
Justin Winter
Justin Winter@jcwinter · Co-founder & CEO, Boostopia
Best sheets around are Boll & Branch ;-)
Nilanjon Bhowmik
Nilanjon BhowmikMaker@nilanjon_bhowmik · Digital Marketer
@jcwinter Boll & Branch make some nice sheets, but we focus on entirely different feels. We like breathability and they make sateen sheets. While sateen sheets can give you a really soft finish, they are incredible heat traps and tend to wear down (the cotton snaps) a lot faster over time. Our sheets allow air to flow which helps with heat distribution and the ESL cotton we use allows for better durability. They're also charge a heftier price than us, but hey to each, their own :D.
Nilanjon Bhowmik
Nilanjon BhowmikMaker@nilanjon_bhowmik · Digital Marketer
@bkerensa, What kind of sheets did you get? Material and construction is usually key. Our Slumber sheets are made with 100% ELS Egyptian Cotton that we source ourselves from a a Fair Trade Certified Producer in Egypt. In our opinion (and the option of a lot of other experts in the field) that's one of the best, if not the best, cotton you can get. We focus on getting you the comfort of that premium cotton, an extremely breathable percale weave to maximize your slumber. We even introduced our own Sleep Mist to help with that.
bed bugs free?
Nilanjon Bhowmik
Nilanjon BhowmikMaker@nilanjon_bhowmik · Digital Marketer
@sskf90 Seeing as no one likes bed bugs, we opted to insure we send out bug-free sheets.