Make slow-motion videos & GIFs with incredible filters

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Hey Product Hunters! This is Tamas, one of the makers of Mo, the first ever slowmography app for iPhone that mixes the best features of mobile photography & video making. With Mo you can make stunning slow motion loops with the ease of taking photos. It works pretty simple: just take a snapshot of a moment (of something that’s moving), Mo automatically turns it into a 3-second slow motion loop. You can add cool filters and transition effects if you want to make it more awesome. In addition, you can connect more shots into longer edits or mixes. Despite the fact that it’s an efficient tool, members of image sharing networks can stand out with slowmography, as the those tiny loops are mesmerising to watch. Here’s a 4-minute-read about why we think the timing for such a new format is perfect: We're looking forward to hearing your feedback. Thanks for the hunt @Nivo0o0!
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@tamasszakal @nivo0o0 thanks this is a really nice app, congrats ! - just added Mariolino (my cat) to instagram :) - nice add-on to come up with : sound/music
@steveraffner @nivo0o0 Thank you! Checked your Instagram... sweet!... Mariolino is now featured in the app :)
@tamasszakal @nivo0o0 sweet - I'll tell him ;)
@tamasszakal @nivo0o0 Thanks for the product --- look like a lot of fun .... are you getting any user feedback as of now? And how is it?
@samir_doshi @nivo0o0 The feedback from users is awesome so far!
Mo Slowmography is a really fun app. The first time I tried it was the day the "Gravity Waves" were discovered, so I played around it with, which led to this awesome Vine: TL;DR you can make really cool slow-motion videos and GIFs, and choose the coolest after effects. Oh, and another Vine I made was at the Blab office and messing around with the Shkreli mask we made (as joke, we were trying to see if he notices) but notice the cool after affect of how it fades out: I believe the makers are making the Pro version free for the day so check it out and ask @tamasszakal anything! cc @everyday_slowmo
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Shooted Panda Night Mode promo gif :)
@ahmetsulek awesome!
@nivo0o0 @ahmetsulek Cool! Did you have the chance to try other transition effects and image filters?
@tamasszakal all looking great, great job 🙏🏾
@ahmetsulek thank you so much!
i use and love mo slowmography app for a while! so good to see how people are excited about it. kudos to the team! ⚡️ you can check some of my videos and gifs here:
@bncbgr so cool!
Wow! Finally a better subtitution to the inbuilt ios slomo camera! Quick to use, funky transitions. Well done guys!