Slow Factory

Limited-edition silk scarves based on high-res NASA images

Thank you so much for featuring our project! I am the designer behind Slow Factory, my name is Céline Semaan Vernon. I create silk garments using scientific open data and creating meaningful partnerships with NGOs working in preserving our Planet or defending Human Rights. For our latest collection Petit Atlas we partnered with the World Wildlife Fund and created a limited edition collection that contributes and supports the preservation work they are doing in keeping our Oceans clean.
Wow @celinecelines, these are absolutely gorgeous. The woman you have modeling on the front page really "sells" the scarves. She has such a serenity in her eyes. It really lends to making each image look like she is an artist with 3D projection mappings of art being thrown onto her. The use of contrasting backdrop really allows the items to accentuate themselves. Bravo on the branding and marketing, and bravo on partnering with WWF for this. You truly are helping to show that nature is more beautiful than we even realize.
This is a very original concept. Good luck, rooting for you!
I wanted one of these so badly but it's out of my budget. One day! Stunning.
"Slow Factory™ is a design boutique that creates limited edition silk scarves by merging high-resolution digital prints of scientific images from NASA with the highest quality, centuries-old artisanal textile finishing in Como, Italy. Each collection weaves a strong partnership with an internationally-recognized NGO working in the Environmental or Human Rights sectors."