Slow Cabins

Go to a secret location to unwind in an off-grid eco lodge.

Slow cabins places temporary off the grid eco lodges at secret locations close to home. Unplug from hectic city life and enjoy the simplicity of nature, with special 'time for focus' breaks for busy entrepreneurs.

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I think this is a really smart idea. Living in London one of my fave treats is escaping the city for a weekend in nature. I love the idea of a cabin getaway, never stayed in one but imagine its like camping but better 🏕 have you tried this yet? @solomon_teach What else do people do to escape the city? 🤔
@abadesi I haven’t but thought it was such a great idea! I like the fact it’s close to home so makes escaping very easy. Also, they don’t tell you the location, it’s kept secret until after you book. I like that as sometimes the choice can be paralysing!
I'm a fan of this idea. I would try this but it seems they're only in Belgium right now.
@rrhoover Try Boston based, been building tiny homes and putting them in the middle of no where for a few years now. I think they have a few out west already.
@bergermax nice tip! Thanks, Max.
I’ll try it out and let yo guys know how it was 😜😉 From 🇩🇪 Germany it’s not that far. I hope I can bring my dog 🐶, though. BTW, just informed the makers through Instagram, hopefully they can answer a few questions here.
@anderiep Hi Paul, thanks for your interest in our Slow Cabins concept. Unfortuntely, dogs (we love them btw!) are not allowed due to hygiene, delicate materials and allergies for other guests. You are of course more than welcome to check our cabins! Slow greetings, Xavier (Founder Slow Cabins)
Americans have been doing this for 2+ years.
It looks like a very good idea; but even the English linked site has lots of (I presume) Dutch language intermingled, which makes it hard to navigate. It's also very unclear where the location is. It's a bit vague to just say somewhere in Belgium.